Chester Bennington Bracelet - Music for Relief


Hello! Can I please order a bracelet? 2 of you have that many left. Just let me know how to pay you and my address to you!


I never got a reply on how to purchase bracelets. Can sometime tell me if they are still available? Thank you much.


Is there any other way to order them i would love to have one but i don’t have a th. How can I get one


Heya, how do I get one of these please?? Thank you


Are they still making them?? Please someone help, i’ve been waiting for months & months. How can i get it?! <3 I wanna order


Is it still possible to order one of these bracelets?


Hello, are these wrist bands still available for the US? If so, is there a link so I can order some?


The group seems closed on FB. Anyone know about what ever happened with this? Thanks👍🏼


The Facebook group doesn’t seem to work / closed. Is there any way of getting them, still? These are the best bracelets i’ve seen


I never heard or saw them after the initial post…


I would really really love to order a Cpl please reply with details on how to do so. Please!
Thank you


Hi guys it seems that this was a scam or something! I could if anyone wants see how it would work too fix this! Is there still people who want this?? I live in Sweden so i have too fix it from here but i can start to look for companies that can do bracelets in silicone??

Let me know!


Are these available to order still? Thank you for your reply, I would like to order.


Hi there… do you still have this?