*chester bennington fan documentary*


My name is Matthew and I’m someone who’s life has dramatically changed for the worst after the passing of Chester.

For me, I struggle with my demons everyday., But then I’d listen to LP and the demons would go away or at least just the duration of the song, I felt normal for a couple minutes. Since the age of 10 (17 years when he passed), Chester would be there to tell me I was normal, that things were going to be ok and that when “your armor breaks to put it back together” and move forward. When he lost his battle, I started to loose mine. I thought to myself, “If Chester cant get out of his mind set, how can i?” It didnt make sense. I started to think “Is leaving the best way?” It would just make everything go away. It sounded like paradise. I started seeing a therapist but not much was helping. I realized that talking to others who feel the same way was the best thing. A lot of people dont understand, and I can see how looking in from the outside that this didn’t make any sense to why I feel this way.

Which lead me to want to take on a new journey. I want to create a fan made mini documentary about fans who struggle with the loss of their favorite musician: Chester Bennington. With my experience with video equipment and editing, I know I can put those skills to good use. Why not interview fans who are experiencing the same feelings and put it out for fans around the world to hear the stories. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this loss and I know that it would bring comfort to those who are still feeling this way. Just listening to others stories and hearing that they are not alone would bring comfort, after all, thats why we listen to music in the first place.
This is a total NO PROFIT, something that I would like to do to help myself get through this tragic loss and hopefully provide some light to those who need it. This is made by fans for fans. Please no hate on this. If you disagree please just ignore.

If you are at all interested in being interviewed or know someone who would like to participate please DM me so we can talk details.

Los Angeles filming locations only.

Thank you all.


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