Chester Bennington Funeral


Anyone have any information on this? Public event? Private? I would like to attend, and if it’s in L.A., I will be attending if it’s open to the public.


They haven’t even scheduled the autopsy yet; i am sure it will still be two weeks at least.


Two weeks? That’s a ridiculously long amount of time to keep a body unburied.


I would also like to know i anything public is going to be held for the fans aside from fan made memorials… I live in Mississippi, but I would do all I could to be able to made it out to California.


I don’t think your friends and family would crowdfund that trip, I’m sorry to say. Round trip flight would be insane.


Very true, but I will try my best to figure it out. I would want to be there, no question about it.


Well if it’s cheaper for you, you could fly in to San Diego and I could get you and take you up to L.A. with me, and you could spend the night here if you’d like. If the funeral is even public of course.


Please be sure to post any info on here
I’ll do everything I can to meet up down in LA if it’s public


I would say that he will be buried at Hollywood Forever. I live in Seattle and Im flying down to LA as soon as I have any more specific info about dates and stuff


I’d expect the funeral Monday or Tuesday. It won’t be two weeks before an autopsy.


Who knows, Cornell’s funeral was 6 days after his death.


I’ll take you up on that for sure, you’re so kind. If we hear any details I’ll get your contact info and we’ll figure it out from there. I looked up round trip flights to San Diego and it seems to be in my price range.


i really hope they make a funeral for the fans


858-356-7709 if you wanna hit me up and keep me updated


And if anyone wants to hit me up and talk / text about it


Where there’s a will there’s a way…
Bit premeditated considering nothing’s been announced but I’ll pitch in if you need a hand going over :+1:
I’ll do everything I can to go too, as I’ve said it’s about time to stop letting opportunities pass by
Wish it were under different circumstances


Absolutely. It’s like salt in the wound knowing I would’ve met him in person in less than a month. If anything is announced then you can bet on seeing me there. This is too important to me to pass up. :purple_heart:


I wish his wife would’ve been home. I wish he just got through the night, and the day, and remembered Chris instead of joining him.


If it’s a public event I’d fly down from Seattle to LA for the day


IF it’s public, I will drive down to go. If anyone hears dates, and or if its public let me know. Thanks