Chester Bennington Tribute Cover Show Phoenix,AZ


Hello LPU family,

I was planning to do a Chester tribute concert here in Phoenix Arizona. It will be me and local LINKIN PARK fans singing LINKIN PARK songs almost like the one back in October only this includes local fans joining me on stage and sing a variety of LINKIN PARK and maybe a few dead by sunrise songs in honor of Chester. I want to know your thoughts and opinions on making this show possible. It would be held sometime in summer giving me time to find vocalist to sing with me and get the word around Phoenix. For your thoughts, I do know all the words to many of LPs songs and can almost keep up with Chester’s and Mike’s vocal range. What are your thoughts and what’s song say should be played? Of course songs such as One More Light, In the End, and Numb will be included. I will strive to make this tribute show possible. Thank you. #makechesterproud


Woow- that sounds like a big project! The internation is great and I wish you all the best that you can make it happen !