Chester Book Tribute


Hi everyone!
I don’t usually write so much here (and I’m sorry about that), but I wanted to share with you my work!
I’m a Graphic Design student and I made a book as my way to honor Chester! It is is dedicated to him, his family, his friends, his fans and every single person struggling with depression and mental health.
I designed and printed it for a graphic design exam last October (it has never been for sale) and my teacher gave it back to me a couple of days ago… I’m so happy to finally have it with me again!
So, just wanted to share… you can see it here if you want
Hope you guys like it :blush:


this is amazing!! i will check this out later on! I cant wait to see the video.


Simply amazing work. I think this would even sell well!

Also, welcome to the LPU! :slight_smile:


Great job it’s simply amazing

And welcome to the family solider


@rickvanmeijel I actually wanted to try and publish it, but my teacher didn’t help me and I don’t know how to do it, expecially because of all the pictures in it! I obviously don’t own them!

By the way, thank you all so much :slight_smile:


That’s amazing. Well done.


This is beautiful! Very well done!
And welcome to the LPU!


I don’t know how to publish either :sweat_smile:. Like you say, it would be difficult due to the pictures.


Wow!! This is amazing!!! I know you say it’s not for sale! But if you made more I would love to buy one! You are very talented! Bet you’ll make a great career from graphic design :+1::blush:


Hey! I loved it!!! Its amaaazing! :smiley:


Wonderful work! It look so good like an official artbook so beautyful done! :heart_eyes:


wantwantwantwantwant so much want :heart_eyes:


That is incredible. The time and more importantly love you have put in to that is outstanding. I hope you got top marks!


Thank you all! It means so much to me :relaxed:


I love this so much! I think I already saw it on Twitter a few weeks/months ago is that possible?

Anyway, its AMAZING!


@xoxolinkinpark Yes, I wrote a tweet about it in October when I made the book! Thank you!!


That’s amazing!


Its awesome. Keep going your art