Chester B's artwork. what do you guys think?


Hi there. Wow this is my very first post and hope you guys like it!
A simple Chester (may he rest in peace) color pencil’s drawing.
It took me two nights to get it done.
What do you guys think?

Lots of love from Malaysia <3


Nice art. I see here many hours of work.


It’s wonderful! I’d like to draw like you. Well done)


that is simply amazing!


Great job!!!


What can i say. AWESOME!! Like this very much.
Chester would like that.


it did! it’s worth a shot :wink:


thanks! i appreciate that :heart_eyes:


thank you! :wink:


thanks! :wink:


thank you so much. i really hope he can see this from up above :slightly_smiling_face::sob:


Really well done!! It’s very realistic.


It’s amazing. I wish I could draw like that.


I loved the drawing… It’s really nice. You are very skilled in this… :slight_smile:
Reflects your hours of hard work…


Very awesome


It looks so fantastic.And then it’s so colorful - cool! I work only with lead pencil. And this also lasts, so I can imagine how long it took with colour! Great work!


It looks really good! You are very talented.


you can draw too? with lead pencil? thats kinda cool too! you should give it a try and share it here. i would love to see that :wink:


incredible! you inspire!:clap:


Okay, here is my latest work. I just finished it.