Chester B's artwork. what do you guys think?


love it great picture of Chester you are good at drawing


Thank you. I liked him and his Voice very much. Linkin park have accompanied me through many years. It’s a pity what happened with Chester. But the music will be preserved and so he will live on. This is the 2nd picture (it’s true), which I have drawn for years!


it’s awesome! you’ve got nice shading skill there. keep up the good work :sunglasses:


Thank you very much! :wink: I’ve tried my best. And hopefully it gets even much more better in future.


Like you have have listened to linkin park for years and they songs have help me though the last 4 years.Its so sad bout Chester as you said he will live on in his music


Very nice :metal:t2:


Well I love it.


I meant, that the music is his legacy and so he will never be forgotten. It is so, as he sing “Just cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there” He’s in everyone’s heart and soul, who loves linkin park.


Today finished. I don’t like plaid shirts anymore. :sweat_smile:


I love your work! I really do.


:kissing_heart: thanks :blush: It got better than the last picture. This time I started with the eyes and then everthing else around.


neat! i love it! <3


Thank you, I appreciate that. :kissing_heart: But I have to say I can’t paint straight from my head, I’m not that good, I had a small picture on my Smartphone as a template.


Very beautiful art! Keep up the great work. :smiley:


…something new…at hands I still have to practice.Still other artists here?


I like it!so pretty! :smiley:


wow, very fast answer. Thanks :blush:


That Picture was my template on the Smartphone IMG_20170820_225948


So similar!!!like a black and white photo… :smiley: I can’t do portraits… :neutral_face:


And I can’t paint with colored pencils :rofl: