Chester Chat today - time?


hey LPUers, can someone of you tell me when chester will come to the chat? Im in germany and i don´t know which time 3:30 pm PT is here in my country. Thanks for the help :wink:


Kevin :3, if I’m not mistaken around 00:30am or you can use This Site to convert your time to other locations in the world. See ya on the chatroom :3


Too bad Im gonna miss it cuz of stupid error in the site… Its 01:30 for me (Im from Bulgaria) I hope somehow the bug will be fixed till then XD
If not gonna get even more frustrated… But I can do nothing more…


I’m from Germany too, it will be at 0:30 am tomorrow. See you there :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m from germany too and I didn’t know it either. But are you sure? Some guys said 3.30pm ist 23.30 here


Nope it’s definitely 00:30am, since both the US and Europe have changed to Daylight Savings Time now, so we’re 9 hours ahead of L.A., when living in countries like Denmark, Germany, France, Spain etc… :slight_smile:


23:30 in Portugal so 00:30 on Germany, France, Spain ; )


Thanks for the help :smiley: But he started before 00:30 D: he was early. and hi purr :3


heh chat crashed and was exactly at 0:30. meh


so im not the only one who cant get in it?


I can’t either :confused:


well this sucks lol


I can’t too. hmm bugs?


Can’t get in either - constant “connection failed” message.

Something on LPU not working correctly? SHOCKING.


i sat in the chat all day and then had to leave to take an exam and now i cant get in =/


Hey, I finally got in!


I still can’t get in. Arghhh…


Astat how? I still can’t get:(


i still cant either, youre not alone


Me neither. I’ve been locked out of the LPU site altogether ever since my account renewed two weeks ago. After multiple tweets and trouble tickets, Ground(ctrl) finally fixed that issue this afternoon. Now I can’t get into the chat anyway.

Note to whomever is running this place: If you’re going to charge people money for a service, you need to make sure you can deliver the service. I was patient when Mike’s chat was such a disaster a few months back, and I’ve been patient through all the log-in issues these past two weeks, but I’m fed up right now. LPU is hardly a large community relative to some of the communities on the 'net, and none of this is rocket science. There’s no excuse for the frequency and duration of the technical problems with this site.