Chester: Chat transcription


Chester attended the LPU chat room on VyRT on June 16, 2015, he answered questions from members of the fan club of the band and you can check the summary below:

  • He said there will be another album of Dead By Sunrise.
  • He did not have much free time during recovery, because he was in pain. He was also in the studio with Stone Temple Pilots and at the office with Linkin Park.
  • His favorite music video is the song “Give It Away” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Chester is currently reading “Peaceful Parent, Happy Child.” He says this tells him to get rid of punishments and use empathy with limitations.
  • He likes Mexican food and do not like who does not like Mexican food.
  • Chester likes Slipknot.
  • He has a list: If you do not like his friend Church, or if you do not like children or Mexican food. You can not be a friend of Chester.
  • Chester can not speak Spanish.
  • Probably, the band will never play “Easier To Run” again.
  • Chester loves reggae, he talked about his former dreadlocks, he really liked even been a middle-class white guy. He used to listen a lot of reggae with his group of friends, reggae would only take jobs that pay their bills and spend the rest of time listening to music, skateboarding and going to shows.
  • His favorite football team is the Arizona Cardinals.
  • He said he don’t plans to do another tattoo for some time, since he broke his leg he is still suffering from the pain.
  • Inspiration for music: Life! Does not leave leave him at a place where there’s nothing going on, so to be inspired, wake up.
  • The concerts of Stone Temple Pilots helped Chester regain strength in his leg after the incident. The shows were difficult, he said he progressed fast. However, he said it was painful.
  • He would like to go on tour with Muse. He said that if you want a band to play with Linkin Park, then ask for another band to tour with Linkin Park. He said he recently saw James and Lars from Metallica and he told them that they should go on tour again.
  • He said he would like to do a tour with Eminem.
  • He wants to go to Bali, Fiji or anywhere with a hut on the water, with his wife and nobody else.
  • He loves television, he said it’s his life, that’s sports. This keeps it’s over the road. His favorite series are Hannibal, his favorite series of all time was Breaking Bad, he mentioned Battlestar Galactica as well. He likes things with murderers, he really does not like The Following. He likes to Game Of Thrones and Silicon Valley. He said he stopped caring about The Walking Dead since the fourth season.
  • For a long time the band did not go out on tour on a bus.
  • He would not be surprised if they enter on tour again with Of Mice and Men and Rise Against, Chester was trying to get on tour with Rise Against since the second Projekt Revolution.
  • At the Warped Tour bands and many people asked about the Projekt Revolution. So it should come back.
  • According to him, Stars Spangled Banner (US national anthem) is the hardest song to sing.
  • He was going to watch Jurassic World yesterday, he said he wanted to be friends with Chris Pratt, he said he will see you some time.
  • He likes Foo Fighters, they should go on tour with them as well. They should do the shows with alternating headliners (headline), where each one should play each other’s songs. Chester feels for Dave have broken his leg, he said if you want to crush anyone, break your ankle.
  • He is listening, electro chill, he needs to relax.
  • Chester loves to cook.
  • He has high expectations for the film Batman and Superman, he said it’s better Affleck do well. Their children are big fans of comics.
  • He says he likes all his fans, except those who go crazy and saw “stalks”.
  • He’s trying not to swear too much.
  • He said he is not talented enough as a guitarist. So that’s why he does not play much guitar, he prefers to focus on singing.
  • Your dogs: He has a boston terrier who is blind eye. He says the wild dog farts all day. He has a pug that says “habba” when bark and snores too loud and his son has a golden retriever.
  • He does not know if he would make another movie, he thinks need to study theater for that. His dream was to be a Broadway star.
  • He likes to go at Club Tattoo, they will complete their 20th soon and they probably will make a party.


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Thanx so much :ok_hand: for the translation, it was a lot of real personal items he said to us, My resume: I wish the band a tour by bus like it was oldschool… :smiley:


On the transcript says this about Chester and Dead By Sunrise:

-He said the next Dead By Sunrise album will be released – never!

That was a direct quote from the site. Not sure which one posted the mistake. Cause in this topic it says that there WILL be another DBS album. Kinda confused.


I was in the chat. He said there will be another DBS album “Never!” indeed.


wow. So the album will be titled “Never”. I wonder when that will come out


He meant he will not make another album.


Hope you know I said that as quote, not as album title. He actually answered the question with “NEVER”.


Thanks for clarifying. I wonder why he said never. Is there a problem with the band?


Never?? What does he mean?? ._.


Probably no, but he has Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots, it’s enough for him


Chester would’ve sung an excellent national anthem at a Cardinals game, or any sporting event to be honest. And he definitely would’ve crushed it for sure. Don’t you agree?