Chester Dedicated Merch?


Think you guys will be coming out with a Merch line dedicated to Chester that donates all proceeds to Suicide Prevention or anything like that?


I’d like to pay tribute to Chester but I need the help of the fans.

I’m from Brazil and I had the idea to join the most fans of the LP and sing “One More Light”.

So I’ll leave my whasapp number for anyone who wants to send a video singing this song, from start to finish, and I’ll join them all in one later.

Please record with low music sound so that your voice is clear in the video

Thank you and this is my number: +55 83 996012505


Here in Brazil, on friday appeared a lot of advertising on Facebook selling t-shirts and neckless dedicated to Chester, but none was oficial. I sincerely thought that it was disrespectful, people trying to get money with the suffering of others…
But with they made something official and the money being donated, it would be ok…


Here in Guatemala too. T-shirts with messages and other thing are in Facebook.

It sucks!


That’s happening here in the States too, it’s gross.


I agree. I saw an ad for one on instagram, which really pissed me off. I started a topic suggesting a Represent campaign. Get someone to design a shirt with imput from the rest of the band, put it on Represent selling shirts, hoodies, etc. With the proceeds going to suicide prevention charities.