Chester had broken his ankle


At some point in the day, Chester had broken his ankle. At the Meet and Greet, he was on a scooter. He was in a cast for the entirety of the show and did not move. He thanked the fans during the encore break, stating that he would never let a broken ankle stop him from playing a show.



Saw it on Twitter/Instagram as well.

I feel really bad for him being injured again, but at the same time I really appreciate him showing up at the M&G and play the entire show despite the broken ankle! :’)

So much respect for that guy! <3


No doubt it is a great man!


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That guy is amazing…


You don’t hear this too often. Chester has so much heart, much respect for him. I’m guessing they’re gonna keep touring like this. This is dedication at its best.


Saw it on twitter & instagram too. He sure has a lot of accidents though; breaking wrists and ankles like that. To think that some so-called musicians cancel a show because of a cold, lol!

His devotion to the band and the fans to go on despite of all that makes him an awesome beyond awesomeness guy! Nothing but respect here.


yup, that’s chester alright! hope he gets better soon!!!


that’s what i’m thinking. it’s a good thing he’s in a boot and not a plaster cast! that would suck so much!




I feel really bad for Chester especially, and anyone who had tickets to those shows! Hopefully he gets better asap and can play out the rest of the tour!


Does anyone know about any of the other upcoming shows? I just got tickets for Hershey, PA on 1/27.

Obviously taking care of Chester’s injury is more important. I can’t believe they’ve played the recent shows after it happened. Well, I guess I can because very few bands care about their fans as much as LP. I’m so fortunate to have seen (and met!) them already this summer at Bristow.


So far, just the two that were announced. After that, I would think they’d take it a day at atime, depending on how he feels.


Does anyone know how he actually broke his ankle?


Jumped off a platform during a show. There’s a video somewhere


The saddest part is that someone posted both the pics side by side and compared them
It literally hurts me. Literally.


you can’t compare a man to a baby.

chester plays his music for his fans, beiber does it for the money and publicity.

Hope you feel better soon chester! <3


I hope he’s better soon. Sorry to those who are missing their show now. Hopefully he’s better by the time my show comes around


I’m going to Hershey too. I’m pretty sure we should be fine since they haven’t said anything about cancelling it yet and they only cancelled because Chester needed “immediate medical attention”. It seems like they’re gonna play the rest of the shows…talk about dedication to fans!

Seriously hope Chester gets better as fast as possible!!!


Chester just tweeted that he’s heading to surgery for his ankle in an hour…must be bad, or he’s trying to get it fixed? Time will tell…

If they end up cancelling the rest of the tour I’m sure they’ll reschedule all the shows.


Ahh, turns out he broke it while playing basketball backstage. Hope he’s okay soon and hope they don’t cancel the rest of the shows!