Chester is the new lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots


Check it out guys, Chester is now the new singer for Stone Temple Pilots!! New song is available for free, and it is AWESOME. Also, check out the pics and the teaser video is cool as well. What do you guys think? I have loved Stone Temple Pilots for a long time and I think the song is amazing.

Oh yeah, and no he is not leaving LP, ever.
’‘FYI, I will never leave LP. We are currently working on a new record and it’s awesome’’! - Chester on Twitter


Yes ! They are awesome. But you have to get used to it. :slight_smile:


I saw Chester sing with STP last night. It was fantastic!


i’m actually quite psyched about this! he did some great collabs w/them while lp and stp were on family values tour back in '01.

way to go chester!!!


I was surprised but loved the song “Out of Time” sung by Chester and it is awesome too :smiley:
LP forever !


I wouldn’t rule out LP and STP touring again sometime in the future


Singing in STP was Chester’s dream come true. I’m happy for him, and the fact that he’s not leaving LP:)


I sure hope that he doesn’t eventually leave LP!! LP just won’t be LP w/o him as the lead singer!


[quote=talkingdolphin1]I sure hope that he doesn’t eventually leave LP!! LP just won’t be LP w/o him as the lead singer![/quote]I wouldn’t worry about that happening


The new STP song sounds great and i’m excited to hear what they come up with!


It’s almost too weird for me. I love Chester and I certainly enjoy STP (was a huge fan back in the day) but I’m just not sure about the two together. Maybe the thought will grow on me but for now, it just doesn’t seem right.


If your forcing yourself to like it, then you probably don’t like. That’s how i feel haha.


I love Chester to death, but idk… the STP thing is kind of “eh”. It will definitely take some getting used to.


I like the new STP song. It’ll be interesting how previous material will sound live with Chester singing instead of Scott.


I like the new STP song. But just being honest here, I hear it as STP (sound) feat. Chester. Oh and don’t worry about Chester leaving LP, he said that LP is his priority :slight_smile:


wow this is a shock

lead singer of two bands now?
how the heck is he suppose to manage that? so much work?
what about his sons? his wife?
aint he asking too much of himself?
especially cause LP is a lot on tour…

wow o.o


I’ve been a huge STP fan for awhile so I think it’s awesome Chester is doing some new music with them. I think his vocals are very similar to Scott Weiland’s so he does a really great job singing all the old STP songs. I’m glad Chester is still sticking with LP too but it’s great to hear him do something like this. He’s got an awesome voice for 90’s alt rock!


[quote=SD]wow this is a shock

lead singer of two bands now?
how the heck is he suppose to manage that? so much work?[/quote]

Exactly the way he did when he was with DBS and the making of a new LP’s album at the same time.

But, well, it’s true. His family gonna have less time with him, I supposed.


i know
and that his family is gonna have even less time with him now than they already had in the first place
is kinda sad…
THOUGH im sure chester can handle it (i hope) … the guy is a grown up and smart im sure

lets just pray he won’t exhaust himself out… >_>


I don’t think it is a bad thing but I guess time will tell with the other songs they collab on. I’m not a fan of STP but to me their new song sounds just like DBS. Am I the only one who thought that? Had to double check it said STP. Other than that I think chester has too much energy for one band so now he is leading 3. But as long as his work with STP doesn’t interfere with his commitment and quality of LP I am fine with it. He said he wouldn’t leave LP so he just doing it as a side project prolly like DBS. However my money is on LP, I can’t really picture myself getting a ticket for STP. But as long as their fans are happy as well then why not.