Chester memorial


I think as lpu’ers that we should have a memorial in each city. A day for us to gather and mourn a great loss.

LPU Memorials for different countries

Very good idea, Munich is calling - anybody interessted? and we can light a candle in silence maybe- all over the world same time :candle:


Hamburg, too :raising_hand_woman:t3: Where are all the Nordlichter?


Would be nice to do that here in Cologne :raising_hand_man:


Anything in SoCal?


Anyone in Tampa/st. Pete interested?


Someone from Vienna or nearby here?

Otherwise I’ll come to Munich it’s not so far.


This was not organized by myself. I think as lpu’ers we should have one, I had found that online.


So far, L.A and San Diego


LP Memorial at Boston Common for everyone to meet to show our respect to Chester, the band, and his family. All are welcome to join us.


There is a memorial in vienna


In silence?? No! Chester would want noise. At least us singing his tracks. Maybe we make a playlist and everyone sings in that order all around the globe