Chester Photo


hey guys

i bet one of you can tell me from which photoshoot this one is :smiley:

if you know, please post a link here to the full photoshoot
thank you so much :smiley:

(i might of seen this photo before but i just cannot remember the entire photoshoot so no idea where i should be looking lol)


Might not help you much but it looks like to me that that photo was taken during the Dead By Sunrise era if that will help you narrow down your search at all. Besides that, I have no clue. Sorry.


Even my guess was same as Holden and google image search helped me to get into conclusion yes it is Dead by Sunrise time photo shoot but was Kerrang Magazine in the year 2009 and DBS was also released in 2009 :slight_smile: Below is the link where you can find all photos related to screamer Chester along with the one you asked for :wink: