Chester´s hair - many hairstyles


which hairstyle from chester was the best? we have plenty to choose from :smile:


I always liked his look in crawling. The blond spikes were awesome. But his look now is great. He still has his rock edge. As long as him and the band are healthy, that’s all I care about. Cool topic though.


i liked most of them, he cant look bad no matter what he does but i like this one right now the most (but it changes now and then)

… but i had to smile after seeing MIKE again with red hair back to hybrid theory times :smiley: i like him better now ( a friend of my bought the cd when we were in town yesterday)


I like this one :punch:


oh yes that was so damm sexy _


Best ever:


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:


I definitely like the most his blonde spikes in crawling, but red one from papercut is also cute and funny :slightly_smiling_face: