Chester (Working Title)


So, this is a rap/song/poem that I had written. I didn’t know what I was writing about until I looked back at it. So, why not release it on his birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAZZY!!

He wakes up, rubbing sleep from his eyes.
After his routine - sighing, hoping, praying - he rise.
He got ready for school
And ready for making himself a fool.

As soon as he entered his hell,
Not one second later, he tripped and fell.
It was a foot, he realized.
Bracing himself, he stands and rise.

He was then pushed to the wall.
Then and there, he wanted to end it all.
His mind took in what they were sayin’,
‘Go die’, ‘so thin’, all the common sayings.

He trudged through the hallways
Alone and, who would want to be with him anyways.
Getting tossed around like a rag doll
For being different, what for?

20 years later, he’s in a band
With so many soldiers, so many fans.
He has a beautiful wife and beloved children.
Ladies and gentlemen, he’s Chester Bennington.

~I know, very cringe-worthy…


That is a really nice poem it’s a bit sad but it is nice though.

last but not least:
Happy Birthday Chester.

I know that his birthday is tomorrow but why not wish it now right.


Oh really I did not know that so what do you do.


… I am at school. Physics just finished lol. I feel like sending this song/rap/poem to Chester but I can’t because
a) I don’t know his email.
c) Too scared lol.


Awwwwwww that’s adorable but if I was you I think I would be scared to do that to.:blush::laughing:


Haha lol. Do you by any chance know how to contact him though?


No I don’t and besides if I did I would be too scared to do that. I hate my shyest so bad.


I wrote a song very similar (kinda based on the same subject (bullying))

This is pretty good just needs a little tidying up and it would be awesome


Thanks buddy! How do I tidy up? @acemasters


Think about the flow and how it fits together and see where certain breaks might need to be

Even when I look over my own work sometimes i don’t even know where i can tidy it or anything like

the main thing is
do you like the flow and where the breaks are?!? if so then you don’t need to change a thing


Oh! Ok, how is my flow for my song?


As a poem it flows pretty good


You could post to him via twitter or instagram @evkorngdlpid but he doesn’t respond to fans very often lol you’d be lucky to get a response


How do you do that do you have twitter.
Who ever have twitter can I add you.


thats really a nice one!! you write well :smile: