We, on Wretches And Kings Net, are working on the Chester’s Birthday Project.

You have to send us your video greeting Chester, is very easy right?
Maximum Lenght, 10 seconds.
Deadline: March 15.

You can greeting Chester in your language, if you want to say Happy Birthday in Spanish, or English, Portuguese, Chinese, is ok. We want a Worldwide Video!

Here is our promo picture, please share this project!

More Info about it: HERE

PS: If you want to share with us a picture in place of a video is ok with us.


awesome you are doing this
good luck :smiley:




Sent you my video greeting via email… Good luck & compiling the videos this is going to be exciting… [biggrin]


I sent my video too !


Where will we be able to view it once complete [razz][heart][heart][heart][heart][heart]


Yeah keen on watching/ viewing the finished product of this PROJEKT! [smile][biggrin]


Was this ever finished?


I hope so… [smile][biggrin]


[quote=Geki]Was this ever finished?

Yes, It was finished. It’s posted on youtube: