Chester's Birthday Video Project


There has been lots of birthday projects going on for each of the band member’s and I thought to myself that I would like to participate in doing Chester’s Birthday video project.
This may be a bit early, but as you all know… Chester Bennington’s birthday is on March 20th.

The guidelines are pretty simple…
You can either:

  1. Put up a picture of both you and Chester at a Meet & Greet.
  2. Make a poster with you in the picture (Being Creative)
  3. A short Video clip of yourself
  4. I’m up for other suggestions. Let me know by e-mailing me.
    (You can also have something written on the picture or I can input them in the video the time your picture comes up.)

Please include the country, State and City of where you are from to be included in the video as well as your name and username if desired.
Any other questions or concerns, Please E-mail or message me on LPU.
Either way, I would like to thank you all for those who will participate.
Those who would like to participate, please message me at

(I need volunteers to do few second videos as well (You can still do something from the guidelines also, but I need a few people for this part in the video which will be something like:
Person #1: Happy!
Person #2: Happy!
Person #3: Happy!
Person #4: Birthday!
Person #5: From All of Us!
Person #6: In LPU! (Showing your LPU shirt perhaps?)
( I will put them together… I mean you guys should know what I’m trying to do here lol [smile]

That should sum it up [geek]. Thanks for your time.

  • Karen.


Sometimes I feel like Joe’s birthday always gets overlooked…


It’s not overlooked. I do know that Joe’s birthday is before Chester’s.
I just decided to do Chester’s since my husband was probably gonna work on Joe’s.


Forgot to mention…
The deadline is March 15.

Thanks. [biggrin]