Chester's favorite bands/artists


Hi everyone, like a lot of people I’m having a pretty tough time dealing with all of this. I was wondering if anyone knew what some of Chester’s favorite songs/artists/bands so I can listen to what he loved? I get through tough times with music, and it would help me heal I think, listening what got him through stuff also. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!


I know he was a huge twenty one pilots fan, and I am as well. He said he loved every one of their albums. I’ve been listening to them the past couple days.

#3 Enjoy! I can’t watch these anymore without getting upset so I’m staying away from them for now.


Yes! One of my fave interviews with them haha.


Hope you’ve seen Mike’s Depeche Mode remix then!


Holy shit… no never heard it but thank you for sharing it with me :heart_eyes: it’s damn beautiful


Chesters favourite artists/bands:
Depeche Mode,
Stone Temple Pilots,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Madonna (yes he did say that he is a Madonna fan),
Twenty one pilots,


In an interview this year he mentioned The Cure, Depeche Mode and Black Sabbath.

You couldnt go wrong with these 3.


Posted it above! Well worth watching for anyone who hasn’t!