Chester's Get Well Project


Hey guys! So we all know Chester’s broken his ankle, and the tour’s been cancelled. I’ve put something together so we can have a place to send him get well wishes. It’s called Chester’s Get Well Project! It’s something similar to the Mike Shinoda Birthday Project that the Mike Shinoda Clan puts on each year.

Here is a link to the page. You should be able to submit a message, but let me know if you can’t.

Have fun!!!

Chester had broken his ankle

Good idea! I’m sure he will appreciate everyone’s well wishes :blush:


were you able to submit anything? just want to make sure that function works!


Just checked, I wasn’t able to find anywhere to submit a post :worried:


ok - that is really weird. i do have the submission link open in my settings. here is the link to submit:


Perfect! Thank you for the link :blush:


No problem! The submit link should show up now - just edited it!


done :grin:


thank you! the project is coming out really well so far - everyone’s sent some really nice messages for chester!


Loved the initiative, but I did not see it was moderate and did post 2 times. See which got better and adopt one. Thank U.

Title is the “May the force be with you.”


i got it! don’t worry - i made sure to only post one. thanks!


done :slight_smile: of cause done :slight_smile:


We have to take that he is very active on twitter, and send it to him.


Posted on LPU hub, with its credits. If you do not like let me know, I delete.


Done :wink:


I submitted!


that’s totally fine!

we’re at 99 messages on the get well project - anyone want to be lucky #100?