Chigokurosaki's Apology


(To everyone here on the forums) hey guys, if you have been here, on the forums lately, I’m sure you have noticed the two spammers that have been here lately and now I must make the confession that both of them were actually me.

I thought it may be a joke to spam here a little, but I never thought that it would affect people the way it did. (If I ) I know that I hurt (anyone) a lot by this, I’m sorry and didn’t mean to. I just thought of it as a joke, nothing serious or meant to cause harm. Now I know that it was everything but, not funny at all.

I know for what I‘ve done there is no forgivness, nevertheless I ask exactly for this: please take it as what it was meant to be: a joke that escalated, and I feel deeply ashamed and sorry for this.

What are you doing right now?

Good you open this bro, was a bad joke actually- I almost had a heartattack that sunday lol- I‘m too old for this shit :upside_down_face: but it’s ok for me now after you feel sorry about it :+1:t2:


I forgive you brother please take my love :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: just please don’t do it again because it made me feel like my home wasn’t safe but I turely appeated the heart felt I am sorry just now it wasn’t right to joke like this and I hope you have learned your lesson that this was not funny but you have my forgiveness


Not cool mate, I’ve known for a bit, but not cool. I’m not pissed off, I just feel sorry for you. I don’t know in what world making two different accounts and spamming uncontrollably is considered a joke. But it must mean that your life must be more boring than mine if you felt the need.


I didn’t expect it was you… it wasn’t a funny joke honestly… I didn’t understand why you found it funny at the beginning, but I appreciate the fact that you said the truth now even after people forgot about it… we all made mistakes as human beings, but we have to protect our precious family… hope you learnt the lesson… now here’s a brotherly hug…


Guess I was just feeling a certain way at the time and thought it was funny, I see now that it wasn’t. And p.s. my life has always bored me since the teen years, but I shouldn’t have spammed here regardless, and I apologize for it.


Extremely not cool but, thanks for telling the truth


Guess the get a life part was on point…
Better you than a stranger being a d*** for no reason I suppose


So… You were Charlie and Iridescent13? … Well… That’s… Ahh… I don’t know how to explain it… It’s…

However… The important thing is that you accepted it… Thanks for saying the true.

On Topic: trying to keep myself kind and optimistic.


No, I was numb320 and iridescent, but I honestly don’t know who Charlie is. But I admit I fucked up, and again, I’m sorry.


No need to say sorry, you didn’t killed anybody, or you did it? Jajaja jk c’mon! You said it, it was a joke. Ok? Let’s forget this, you learnt the lesson, the rest doesn’t matter.


Dude, thanks for revealing this, you’re reallly brave. I forgive you


@chigokurosaki Apologies accepted. Let’s move on ! :wink:

Coffee time and thinking about my bed and me, next saturday morning. :heart_eyes::grin:


Yes, he did…he killed my pet frog.


Moved into its own topic because it really had nothing to do with the topic it was originally posted in, and what good is an apology if not everyone is going to see it?


Good idea actually :+1:t2:


You should add the part where he volunteers to take a punch from both me and @melisLP when we meet on behalf of the whole family
If we knew one another better it’d be a kick in the family jewels on behalf of this family lol…:stuck_out_tongue:


On the upside, Jordan doesn’t have to feel that guilty about banning “two people” :+1::joy:


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: that was not good. But it’s good to be honest…and you are. Thanks. We’ll forget it!


It made us laugh though. Apology accepted