Chigokurosaki's Apology


Apology accepted :slight_smile: Next time if you wanna troll us, please don’t spam us in the process.


Well it takes a special person to admit it and i am sure it wasn’t easy . Yes I forgive you Chigo. We all make mistakes we wish we didn’t do or say. Everyone has their own reaction . So I am here to say I am your friend and don’t judge you So lets move on . A new day is here Happy Sunday Hope it is a good one. Think positive .


Wouldn’t guess it was you. But I’m glad that you were not Charlie because that one was really annoying :slight_smile:

Good of you to tell the truth, apology accepted :slight_smile:


I always appreciate it when people can tell the truth and apologize. So, thqnks for that, and don’t spam again :smiley:


Seriously dude… Next time just…


Thank you for this note. Please refer to the LP Underground Code of Conduct if you have any questions.


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