Nope, that’s a strip board, but the item is in that section of the pic.




No, that’s my god awful soldering stand.




Yeah, it was the cotton buds.


Yoooo- yaaaay, finally I won sth today :tada: comming up with sth asap :man_dancing:


Asap… :thinking: :grin: waiting… :rofl:


Ohhh - :open_mouth:- thanx for the reminder @lpfan61 and sorry guys…


Concert light?


Nope - goes together with the pic that @evooba sent to me :blush:




:joy:How could you see it’s juice? :thinking: But nope :-1:t2:


It’s not clear, so it’s not water, not bright enough to be milk, nobody drinks coffee out of a glass like that, I doubt you keep random dirty water on your night stand, so it makes sense for it to be juice.

The candle?


lol, ok- engeneers logic … and nope, it’s the candle I light up every …


The phone, because you took the pic with your own one?


The tv remote


Nope - not the phone- wanted to look up old pics but forgot the code… or better my daughter forgot it- she used it at last… so it’s odd but not the odd one out of the pic, and nope- the remote control is always there

Hehe - finally one thats not directly solved :blush:


That greenish bottle cap near the water bottle?? :eyes:


Pretty sure that’s Vaseline, probably supposed to be there.


And we have a winner :tada::tada::tada::tada: yes- thats the od out - you go