The one in the bottom, the 1 cent?


Was guessed already. 5 efforts left.


The 50?


Remember that one time @jabinquaken said this was an easy one? Haha


Mine and his are always the hardest. Lol


Yes, Rob.
It was two chances out there. 50 and 25 copecks.
Those are Ukrainian and have Kyrillic inscriptions, while the rest ones are European.


Blast, now I have to go find something…again. :joy:


You find a difficult odd for us? :grin:


Not yet, hopefully tomorrow.


I decided to go easy on you and only did the RC half of my RC / Lego cupboard.


My fist option: this… folder?

My second one:


No and no.


That red circle tray/dish thing?


The glasses case?


Up front with the black rim? No

That’s the case from the world’s worst soldering iron, it was battery powered. It just shorted 4 AAs to cause a current surge and the resulting heat. Also not it.


what is this game about. Because it looks fun


You have to devise a plan to break into the 5th house on your street, but you only have the brain of a dead rat to do all the calculations and planning for you, and to top it all off, you have to pick the lock with a blunt potato. So far nobody has come up with a feasible solution, not even me.


Do I try to answer this question or statement you just say there :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Give it a shot.