this plastic??


The thing with the floaral handle? Looks like a ceramic blade or something.


Nope. There was smth wrapped in it, laying there. It’s ok.

It is a ceramic knife. But it’s not the one you need to find.


The meat tenderiser?


The case itself :sweat_smile:?


What? What do you mean?



The hammer you use to take your rage out on a steak when preparing it. :joy:


how many guesses?
and it´s not an easy one


Ah, that one. I just call it nose cracker.

Idk, how many guesses but here is a hint:

It is one of the knifes. It doesn’t belong there.


the red?
the green?


Potato peeler?


Can you mark, please?

The green one? Nope.


Didn’t see that one. I meant the brown one with the short blade.


You mean, this one?




It is not a potato peeler.
It’s a special sharpening knife from Faber Castell.
And you guessed it.


Again? I’m running out of things to post. lol


Damn you’ve got soo many tools I’ve never everb known or seen them! :hushed::hushed::hushed:

Then this


Rob solved it already @Honey8- I guess he’ll come up soon with sth tricky


Oopsie… okay. Thanks