Because it’s plastic? I thought of another piece but great guess!!


That’s what I immediately thought as well


Yeah - lol but sometimes it’s not the obvious :rofl:


Cake spatula thing?


How did you know ??? :hushed:- yes, that’s right… you go :laughing:


Doesn’t look like it belongs in a kitchen drawer.

Fok! I’ll find something by tomorrow evening.


Hahaha - the burden of being a great guesser :joy::joy:


So busy, haven’t had time to have a go, so here’s one that I prepared a few months ago:


Wow, :grimacing: that’s a heavy one! Happy that you found the time to set it up :grin: and Rob @the_termin8r will be happy that you relieved him from finding something :+1:t2:- so let’s see :thinking:

The upper right corner is bend reverse a bit, so is it the sticker in the upper right corner?


You are correct, you go. :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile::hugs:


:tada::tada::tada: yaaay :hugs: - never thought it would be the first guess- but it was good that I’ve tried it :blush:- ok gonna find something :thinking:


Here we go… choose the odd one out:

Good luck guys


The blender?


Nope- would have been way to easy- it belongs there!




Nope :-1:t2:


Why am I even guessing these? I don’t want to go next. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: it’s in your blood


This one? :point_down:



Lol yes :tada::tada: you go :blush: