:scream: wooow!! :blush: have to look for something…


I have! Easy one…


The black square marker?


No :grin:


The horizontal red pen near the top right?


Yes! It’s a permanent pen I use to write on CDs… :grin: You go!


@jrtrussell , you’re up, mate.


Dang. My bad. I’ve been busy finishing up work this semester. I got one though.


Join the club. :joy:


Here’s my studio desk at the moment. Choose the odd one out.


The chatterboxes?


I think there’s a European/American language barrier here. :joy: I’ve never heard that term before.


The folded up things in the top left of the cutting mat, the things you move with your fingers and open according you what’s written on them.

On a side note, it’s good to see a desk other than mine that’s covered in tools and other junk.


Oh. We call them Fortune-Tellers here. And those aren’t it. I turn random handouts I get for clubs/events into them for fun.

And my desk is especially messy right now because we’re currently working on 3 projects at once.


I go for the paper aeroplane approach myself. :joy:

Ouch, good luck with that.

Is it the spool of string?


Dang chief. You’re good. I don’t use thread to model with. I just snatched that from off someone else’s desk.


Another technique I’m well familiar with. :joy:



The middle one? It is the only one fhat has a handle on top.


Nope. I’m not sure it’s a handle, it’s too small, the antenna might be in there and it’s also where the charging cable for the car sits (in a channel on the top).


Might be, the yellow cable?