Christmas album?


Since its Christmas…wouldn’t it be awesome if Linkin Park or another rock band did a Christmas album? If they did what bands or songs do you think they should do?

Linkin Park- Let it Snow
Linkin Park- Run Run Rudolph
A7X- Here comes Santa Claus


Linkin Park - My December
Linkin Park - MY>DSMBR
Linkin Park - My December (live)
Josh Groban - My December (Linkin Park cover)


No, please no Xmas album :wink:


Srry but it would’nt be cool in my opinion :frowning:


i think Christmas albums is something to be left alone for rock bands lol
its more of a Boyband/single musician artist kinda thing, dont you think


i guess yall are right! but my decmber!


No waaaaay!


Christmas album???
Well, likely to yes :)))


[quote=BigBadBen]i guess yall are right! but my decmber!
Lol))) coincidence) Now listen High Voltage :slight_smile:


Yes I agree Christmas albums should be left alone to rock bands, it’s just not LP’s style and would be very strange and confusing!! Lol
But I definitely cannot wait for their new album!!!