Sooo members of the lpu, Christmas is quickly approaching! Do you think you will buy anything from the lp or lpu store? If so, what?! Also, I’ve been looking into the StageLight Linkin Park Edition, and it looks very promising for the price, should i buy it? Does anyone have it and can tell me their experience with it? Replies are very welcomed!


Didn’t LPU members get it for free when it came out? Or am I thinking of something else?


@TripleXero i mean i got the free trial but i didnt get anything free, are you thinking of something else?


I downloaded the trial of Stagelight Linkin Park Edition too, and I love it. I was definitely thinking of trying to buy that when Christmas comes around. It was a bit hard for me to understand it all at first because it is pretty complex, but after awhile of just messing around with it, I got comfortable with it and it is really fun and cool to use.


So what, in LPU store sold something for Christmas? If so, then I will buy it!))) Do not miss your chance … Although still looking out there that will sell.


Well, my submission expires in the end of the year, so I’ll definitely buy the LPU13.
And I thinking about buying the female t-shirt WE ARE LPU.


I have to answer “No” simply on a technicality that Christmas is when I buy presents for other people.

I guess I could ask for it. But I did that for like a decade straight and that would make me incredibly predictable.

…crap that stagelight was a demo? I got stagelight and kinda forgot to use it any.