Chronicles of Misery


hey you made my day bro
i have to admit that you write very well indeed and that each and every line i read nurtured much more enthusiasm in me into reading more i could even cry too (any little thing that pleases me makes me wanna cry)
if i could had you for my exams that would be so fucking great
anyways your bad luck would be rewarded surely though
man you are so funny daaaayyymmmnnn :rofl::joy::rofl:


I’m glad you guys liked it.


noo noo like is not the word appetiZing
sorrry i know its wrong but that made me really hungry i mean your rants


This one is my favorite so far. Well done :joy:




You what? :stuck_out_tongue:


You know :joy:


I really don’t.


To be tagged


Ah, right, ok.


Too good bro :joy::ok_hand:t4:.I can related to a lot of these, especially W10, but your experience seems to be more intense. Tech seems to loathe me too :joy:. I once manage to explode a CD inside my tower, which eventually stopped working. Heck, my current phone is an S7 too and its battery dies as fast as it recharges. It seems the only piece of tech that agrees with me is my electric guitar


Well, a lot of my war with W10 is well logged in the tech thread as well. The only piece of tech that has worked nearly without fault is my watch, I’ve only had to recalibrate the compass once or twice in the 5+ years I’ve owned it. I’m not sure the Swiss know the definition of planned obsolescence.


True, we could blame it all on planned obsolescence


Perhaps, but W10 has been garbage from day 1, for me at least.


And Bill Gates :joy:


Your relationship with tech summed up in a band name :joy:

LOL!! :joy:

This is too ominous, I can feel the tension rising. I hope you’ll survive it :smile:

Anyway, great story once again! Really enjoy your writing style as you combine the annoyances with humor. Definitely continue to explore this!


I was hoping someone would catch that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like Inferno has won the poll. Stay tuned, I’ll try to release it in the next couple of days.


Yaaay - looking forward :tada:


@the_termin8r this should be helpful: