Chronicles of Misery


With a bit of luck, I’ll be getting the next entry out tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises.


Excuse me in Africa that one killed me :joy::joy:

Ohh thank you I think I gotta get bored then I’ll stop giving a shit about peeps in this motherfucking life I think I have to try getting bored I need to urgently though
I need tips bro gimme some quick @the_termin8r
Well reminds me how I’ve recently been ranting on life
Each day getting older
Teenage life I’ve never been able to enjoy properly
In 2 years will turn 18 and will probably go to uni maybe I don’t even know if I would
Or going to work
If I don’t pass well these motherfucking Cambridge exams I’ll probably be jobless and just selling mangoes in the corner or worst stealing to earn a living life is just a cycle that it so boring though I understand you
Now you say going to uni you’ve gotta learn again then most probably at the same time working then what?Learn Work Home Sleep and then punks say enjoy life cuz life is short sorry but I don’t see it as enjoyable
Sometimes I wish to be an animal or an object life is much better this way
And then peeps ask me what I wanna do in the future
Excuse me but I don’t have any visions for the future
I don’t know what I want to do like to work
Fuck life


Um okay. That’s nice to check out your writings.

I could read only half of one today. I’ll be reading all tmro and let you my feedback :blush: