Chronicles of Misery


Okay i will do that

Heads com 1
Tails com 6


Ok, which did it land on?




I think something’s off. Are you sure you mean E3? :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: Hit the wrong one. I’m going back to lurking…


No worries, I honestly wouldn’t care if you changed your mind. I want honest replies from people.


:rofl: that’s almost philosophical :joy::joy:

Also it’s so typical that you look for the winner in being worst- for the ranking- :joy: everybody else would do it the other way round normal- to see which one is the greatest in peeps view-

But you are special and divers from the average and this thread was so nice for me to get your way of thinking- it makes me laugh most of the times and the parts that I liked most in all entries is when you literally let the reader into your head by telling us how you were thinking exactly in this situation- that was gold :heart_eyes:

Thanx for this thread and the stories and I’m somehow sure that this isn’t the last story of misery- maybe this thread ended but I’m sure to find the newest stuff from you in the grind thread :joy:


This! You almost went into psychology terrotories with this one lol!

Another fun read, you should definitely do more in the future. Sadly I can very much relate to your public transport struggles. It’s been a pain in the arse lately


E10 too dark, @AJ_7? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, you underestimate my darkness :joy:. I loved all, it was tough to choose. I agree with it but of all I felt the story could have been tighter. It really was tough to choose though, and it’s more like, if I absolutely had to it would be this one :joy:


That one was probably the most difficult to put down the way I wanted, easily the most ‘personal’ or as personal as these get beyond their humour.