Chula Vista Meet & Greet


So glad I got to hang with a few of you while we were anxiously waiting in Line! Here are a couple of the Photos I took. I have a video as well so I’ll post that on my fb if any of you want it, message me!

Add me on here too, we all didn’t exchange Names on here lol



Omg I was there !!! Just not in the pic lol. Had a great time!!!


This was The Best Concert Iv’e been to…Hey so when Linkin Park Comes to town you just go with your LPU11 Badge and you can hang out with them?


glad you posted these up! it was great hanging with all of you guys!


You must have been on the other side of us! Lol it was fun! Nerve racking but fun hehe


Yw! We’ll all have to hang up next time again! Hopefully y’all have pit tix too!


Yay Yeah !!! Dope Dope Night !!!


I was there too! It was beyong awesome:) does anyone else that was there have any pics from the M&G? And if so can you post them, please:)