Church bells play What I've Done/Numb for Chester


Domtoren - Utrecht, The Netherlands


Made me get goosebumps haha that’s so friggin cool though


Love it! The initiator must be a fan.


Wow that was so cool ive never head a church bell play a linkin park song’s that was an amazing thing to hear.




Just the same feeling.

This tribute was so unexpected and unique.


I’ve been told that this was organised by Malgosia Fiebig, who is Utrecht’s carillonneur.

Really cool of her to do this. :slight_smile:


I like the sound of the bells and how they keep the beat and rhythm.


That is sooo fantastic, never heard anything like it. So cool! I´m impressed!


I was in Utrecht past Friday and I walked underneath the Domtoren. Would have been crazy to have witnessed this.


No way! Yea, it would have been really cool if you heard them play!