Cincinnati and Boston


Hello my friends. I am getting on a plane in Albany, NY at 6:00 am on 11/12 and flying to Cincinnati. I do’t know anyone in that city so I am hoping to meet some awesome fellow LP fans. Then I am getting back on the plane to Albany on 11/13 the next day, and driving 3 hours to Boston for my second show. If anyone is attending either show and is interested in hanging out, I would love that. Peace and love to all my LP family. :purple_heart:


I’ll be at the Boston show!!


I will be at Boston!


Awesome! Hope to run into you there


Cool! Hope to see you there. So excited!


Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Muwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Hi, I will be at the Boston show as well. I am also from out of town.


Hi Madae - I hope to see you there. The House of Blues Boston is a great venue! So nice to hear from you.


Hi my friends. I need your advice. I travel a lot for work which is why I have concert tickets for Boston and Cincinnati. Now it looks like I’m going to be in NYC at the right time to hit the Post Traumatic show at Pier 17 on Oct. 13th. Should I go for it or have I lost my mind?


Do it! If you are there and don’t have anything planned. Why not go for it?


If you have the money and time, do it!


I live in Cincinnati, and will be at the show! I’m going solo, so I’d love to meet up!!


That would be awesome. I can’t wait to meet you!


I’m thinking about going to the Boston show since that’s where I live, but I literally haven’t been to a concert before other than a couple when I was a kid. None of my friends listen to LP/Shinoda, so I would have to go by myself. Do many people to go these types of concerts by themselves? haha


You should go! My friends usually have not had the same taste in music that I do. I’ve been to a lot of concerts by myself. In Boston I am meeting up with my friend Kristin who lives south of Boston and she is my Linkin Park/Fort Minor/Mike Shinoda sidekick. But I am also going to shows in Cincinnati and NYC on my own. It’s like an adventure and you hear great music, see awesome things and meet cool people.


I’d go alone.


im in the same boat as you, either never went or made sure there was someone to go with, but you realize if you sit around waiting to be able to have company then you miss out on so much! im going to my first solo concert on friday to watch rise against, then I have mike in november…
the way i started to see it is…nobodys going to be paying attention to you, you have more freedom to do whatever the hell you please when you please by not having to get a group or someone else to follow :joy:
plus…people at a concert you like have something in common with you-they like the act you went to watch! :smiley: youre bound to find people you get along with :upside_down_face: at least…this is what im telling myself to talk myself into going :joy:


I had plans to go to Boston, but they unfortunately fell through. I got insurance on the tickets thinking that that meant I could refund them, because I knew when I got them it might not happen, but looking into it now, I can only refund them in the event of an accident stopping me from attending (which is kind of dumb in my opinion, but not the point).

This means I have two tickets that might end up going unused if I don’t sell them. I’m likely going to put them on StubHub eventually, but I figured I’d post about them here first. Not looking to make a profit, might even sell them for less than what I got them for, just don’t want to be out money, and more importantly, waste the tickets.

They are general admission tickets, believe they were $45 each before fees (which I don’t expect anyone to have to pay). If you’re interested, my email is

Would have loved to meet up with some of you there, things just didn’t end up going the way I planned. Still going to the Chicago show, though!


I love going to shows by myself because it pushes me to meet new people! I’ll be attending Mike’s show by myself, and can’t wait to meet fellow LPU members!


I’ll be in Cinci