Cincinnati and Boston


Holy moly. What a night, you guys.


It was lovely hanging with you girls tonight. I ended up giving up my spot in the front for my niece, only for her to get sick and leave before Don Broco even went on. Adrianne, drive safe! Tiffany, see ya around!


Oh no! I’m so sad for her that she was sick.

It was SO great meeting and hanging out with you guys.

@adrianne62, I hope your drive is going well!


@tjbeyersdoerfer and @itsmetiffanyb - Last night was awesome! I had so much fun with you guys!!! I just got in to work 10 minutes ago! It could not have worked out more perfectly. This was a weekend I will never forget. I still have paint on my fingers and arm from working on the mural! Oh man, I am a mess. Talk to you guys soon! Much love!!:purple_heart::blue_heart:


I’m so sorry your niece got sick! I hope she’s doing better.:heart:


Every concert I go to…or event it’s like there is always that one annoying person. At first she was funny but she quickly became very very annoying. And another person. But aside from that crazy chick. It. Was. Awesome.

Course I had a crazy headache after :face_with_head_bandage: like super painful and I was super out of it but ;D



Have a great time tonight, @adrianne62!!!


Thank you! I’m in Boston eating at the House of Blues Restaurant right now. It’s way too cold to be waiting in line outside!




I know who you are talking about



@derek @intheend

I’m fairly sure who you’re referring to as well. Lol.


We’re you close to her?


You know as I listen to the album…it does not have justice of how freaking awesome that night was. I miss it all ready. I will admit, Mike touched my hand, and I’m not a fan girl but man… I almost lost it.


Cinci was truly an amazing show. Unexpectedly awesome. I mean, I expected a lot but this exceeded what I wanted out of the show.