Cincinnati Memorial


I had tickets and meet and greets for Cincinnati. I would still love to show up and meet with other LPU members and make a memorial of some sort. It’s an 7 hour drive for me, but I’m willing to still make it to show support for the Linkin Park family. Please let me know if this is something you all would be interested in making it happen… thanks.


Yes, please. i have a hotel booked in Cincinnati and i was going to go to that show as well. I’m definitely interested in attending. I know I saw some efforts on twitter about getting one going there, I’ll speak to whoever was organizing it and get back with you. We all need this.


Yes please!! Post in this thread with any new info. Thanks much.


I’m also tryin to plan a meet up! I emailed the venue to see if we could hold it in the parking lot, haven’t heard back yet but it’s only been a day. Message me!


I was also speaking with Jenny K. Maybe I’m who she was talking about lol


Sounds great. As soon as you hear back, let us know. I live near Memphis Tennessee and I haven’t heard about anything going on around here. And since I was supposed to go to the Cinci show, I’d love to meet up with other people who were going, and pay our respects. I love meeting folks who loves the same band as me. We’re all a big family :heart:


I would also like to meet!!! How can we organize this???


I’m in. I’m in Lexington, KY but I would make the trip if we could organize something.


Sounds like August 12th we will have one in Cinci! Follow HybridXlove on twitter and ask to be part of the group :slight_smile:


We now have a petition that needs to be signed and shared to hold a memorial/suicide prevention event at Riverbend Music Center.


Awesome! Thanks for posting this! I’ll sign now! :smiley:


Im trying to find you on Twitter

I want to join in Cincy. Need details. Please msg me!! Or on twitter liamsmom21


Can someone tell me the time and meeting place for the memorial in cincy??


Do you know the time and exact meeting place??


Riverbend actually responded to us! Here’s their official statement on their facebook page:

“Many fans of Linkin Park have reached out asking for a Memorial on Saturday, August 12th. Riverbend Music Center will designate an area for people to gather on the 12th between 6pm-8pm to remember the life and music of Chester Bennington. Anyone attending is asked to enter through Gate 5 off of Kellogg Avenue and they will be directed on where to go. #RIPCHESTER
If you or someone you know needs support, please call Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK.”


Will for sure be there!! Thank you!!


Please send me a tweet at hybridXlove. I will add you


A little late to the party, but I’m so glad this is happening! Being around others that understand will definitely help the pain.