Cincinnati Show Group


I’ve got pit tickets and a meet and greet for this show! I’m so excited! I was wondering if I could meet up with some people since I’ll be by myself… possibly find someone kind enough to save a spot for me if I have to leave the pit for the meet and greet? Thanks!

I'm back; Who else is seeing LP in Cincinnati?

Using my phone to find pit tickets was impossible, the only way I managed was to pay for the insane $255 Premium pit ticket. I started my search the minute it opened too. I don’t think a shirt and some extra crap is worth $100, but I had no choice at the time.

But yay I’m in? yup…


I hear you, this whole thing has been stressful. But glad you got your ticket!


Lol, if I keep it. I am going t hunt for a cheaper pit ticket, if I get one I’ll sell my premium immediately.


I would like to find another pit ticket so I won’t have to go alone tbh. Idk how likely that is though haha


The livenation presale for reg tix at 10 tomorrow password : SOUNDCHECK

—from a helpful person in my twitter feed. Can try there, it’s what I’m doing.