CLARIFICATION ADAM: Linkin Park - South African Tickets (Johannesburg pre-sale)


To whom it may concern.

We bought pre-sale tickets for the Linkin PArk show in Johannesburg through LPU. The organizers and ticket sales (Big Concerts and Computicket) indicated (on the day we bought the tickets), that they would send us an email regarding the pre-sale tickets in “Two weeks”. They were waiting gor the LPU Management team to send them the list and names etc,

HOWEVER, every time I phone (and this has been once a week now for the past month), they keep saying “in two weeks”. Now I really dont think that is “fair”.

Some clarification from the LPU management team regarding this will be appreciated.



Hi I also would like to know. We bought tickets over a month ago and still no emails.

This is the reply I got from Big Concerts.

Good day Wayne

Thank you for contacting Big Concerts, we appreciate your email.

Once tickets are purchased, you will receive a reference number and a letter from LPU and CTK, with this you can go to a computicket outlet and collect your tickets. Please note that you will not receive the reference numbers/letters immediately, it can take a few weeks to get to them.

Please note that this process is taking time and that we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you require anything further please contact us on +27 11 759 7215 or by emailing us at

Big Concerts Customer Care
Customer Care Number : +2711759 7215
Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm


I think a good indication of the progress would be if any South-African LPU member received their reference number for pre-sale tickets from Big Concerts. So…has anyone received it yet?


Nope :frowning:


it’s pretty much obvious that the Big-"CON"cert are once again playing the “finger pointing” game [mad][mad][mad]


Nope Nothing


Not recieved any comunication on wither my tickets or LPU package, any idea where to start looking for the LPU package?


Dear Colleauges

I have been on the phone three times a week for the past 4 weeks with Big Concernts regarding the pre-sale tickets. They keep indicating that they are waiting for the LPU.

Today I tried phoning Ground (ctr) today which cost me R700 and they told me that they arent aware of any tickets or issues since they arent handling it.

So now I am confused. Adam, please clarify this for us seeing that you already have alot of frustrated and disappointed South African LP fans.


Dr. van Zyl


Please refer to my new thread.

It seems that the delay is with LPU.


Llewellyn, two things, please post a link to the ‘new’ thread, i cannot seem to find it. THen also thanks for all the effort, will have to meet up at the concert so i can get you n beer.


This is actually getting quite ridiculous and very concerning.

Reason being that LPU seems very laid back to this whole pre-sales approach, obviously having done this a number of times in other countries… BUT we (South Africa) are not other countries and last minute ticketing can and very likely will be a mess up.

We need to get a ref number for ticket collection soon. On the day collection WILL NOT WORK!

I’ve assured 3 of my friends golden circle tickets… and I have nothing but a proof of payment. I do not want to be disappointed.

Please help LPU!


Yeah its very disappointing. Ive emailed Adam at the LPU and he hasnt responded (its been more than a month now since the original email).

I phoned Big Concerts today with the same story.

Not sure what to do anymore


Aw noo! I thought someone would have answers for me here! I hope something happens soon, I really don’t want to miss out on LP. It’s sad that everyone except the hardcore LPU fans don’t have their tickets yet…