Clarkston, MI 8/30!


just wanna see who’ll be there with me ;D


I’m going!


Bought tickets the minute I heard.


Me and my friend are coming from chicago. Figured we would catch them twice in two days :stuck_out_tongue: Anything we should know about the DTE Theater/area? Thanks in advance!


hi jenny me and my two boys are going I went to the joe 2011 I had one of the best time. By the way I can not fine the unique codes and passwords any were could you help me out. thanks


haha so did i. i was there buying tickets the second the presale started lol.

[quote=Jakyap]Me and my friend are coming from chicago. Figured we would catch them twice in two days :stuck_out_tongue: Anything we should know about the DTE Theater/area? Thanks in advance!

Lucky!! i wanted to go to two or three shows this year because its the first time that ive got a job and a car to be able to, but driving in chicago doesnt go over very well and there’s no other closer dates :[
And i actually cant tell you much about DTE because its my first time there as well! i could tell you all you want about the joe and the palace lol. basically all i know is that its outdoor. sorry i couldnt help more! :[

aw, awesome! I was at the 2011 show, too. that was a really good one :]
and for the codes, you would find them in your profile where your orders would be. if you’re just buying tickets to the detroit show, youll just use the first code listed. go grab some tickets!! :]


Hey Everyone,

i have a hotel room booked from 28/8 till 31/8 in Auburn Hills. Its a 15-minute drive to Clarkston, but my room has 2 double beds, so id like to share it with someone.

if ur interested, email me @


Looking for two tickets (though one would be OK also) for GA Pit for this show. I ended up getting two pit tickets for Chicago/Tinley Park on the 29th, but due to a change of plans I’m now unable to attend. Hoping to make this show instead; would pay whatever you think is fair.

Would also be willing to trade my Tinley Park pit tickets for Clarkston pit tickets. (Single, or both. I have two hard copy tickets from Ticketmaster.)


Edit: Got rid of my Tinley Park tickets. Still looking for any pit offers for Clarkston, however.


My 2nd dropped out and I have 1 ticket for Center row H. Let me know if you would like to purchase. Its a deluxe reserved ticket.


anyone get a meet and greet?


so this show was the best day of my life. ever. and then some.

i met so many amazing people last night. it was so awesome meeting all of you!

also, this is a long shot, but to the 19 year old dude who i was with at the m&g who told me his name and told me to add him on facebook, I FORGOT YOUR NAME. i am so sorry lol. probably the worst time for that because then LP came on and blew my mind to pieces, BUT hey if you ever see this, here i am!! haha.

i hope everyone who went to this show had just as great of a time as i did. this band is so, so special. i dont have words. they are so genuinely nice and caring, and very sincere. im gonna be in some sort of happy daze for a long time lol.


Had a great time at the show and my first LP M&G!! Does anyone know if we can get a download of the music at some point? The past 2 shows they had a code so you could download the concert for free (or buy it if you didn’t have a code). I know this one would not be available yet but I can’t find anywhere on the LPU site where ANY concerts can be downloaded.


They haven’t had the concerts available for purchase since Honda civic tour. The fan sites created a petition to bring them back but the engineers & band have respectfully declined for the time being. The shows are still being recorded but for the time being they won’t be available. Sorry to break the news!