Clarkston, MI meet-up August 7th


hey guys. we all need a little help and support right now. ive seen some people trying to put together events on the original concert dates and in the cities. so i’m looking into organizing a get together for all of us in Clarkston, MI. we’ll listen to linkin park, talk to each other, support each other in this devastating times. because we need it. i need it. i am just absolutely lost, and most of us are as well. the best thing we can do is be there for each other and support one another through all of this,and celebrate the life of Chester and the impact him and the band have made on our lives.

I’m still looking into where we can do this, i’m thinking a public park. I’ll keep everyone updated, and I’ll make a facebook event as well that we can all join into.

if anyone is interested, post here, and add whatever ideas you may have, Thanks.


Hey guys. I have made a facebook event for this.

It’s public. Please share it if you know any fans that live in Michigan or the surrounding areas, and join it yourself. I’m trying to get as many people as possible. I want this to be a wonderful turn out.

Please please please share.

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