Closing This Poll So Please Ignore It (2)


If you had to choose just one, who would you pick as your favorite member of Linkin Park?[poll]

  • Chester Bennington
  • Mike Shinoda
  • Brad Delson
  • Dave Farrell
  • Joe Hahn
  • Rob Bourdon
    I apologize if people have already posted forums about this, but I wanted to do this since I haven’t been active on here that much and don’t have any photos or other things to post on here. However, I will post about more stuff later. :slight_smile:


Instead of creating your own thread about a topic that already exists, you can simply search for it and post there anything you want.


Wow, chill. You should read the code of conduct (LP Underground Code of Conduct). It is stated there to keep the forums as clean as possible and refrain from posting the same stuff.
No one is telling you what to post or not post about, or is criticizing you. Rules are rules though, and since you’re new, we’re just letting you know.


Maybe we should make a ‘random poll thread’ thread. Where people just post 1 off polls on any topic.

Random Poll Thread

Well, I am confused now. But ok I guess, whatever works best for you.


(pokes new person with a fishy)


as you are familiar with social media there is a secret you maybe just don t know by now: posting threads means to open yourself up, for feedback. One thing this includes is, that you may get one, that is not fitting for you … believe me, I know :joy:what I am speaking from. This is the deal inhere. Post whatever you like, but if, be aware you can get get a honest feedback inhere, even if you won t like it…


alright… your descision but I have to change the threads name, Missy,ya not closing the forum but just your topics… lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Closing This Poll So Please Ignore It

You know you can still come on here and talk to people, you know, just don’t post a thread that might have happened. We can talk about wrestling, or bunnies, or bunnies wrestling…


Wow… Handling feedback is not for everyone…

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