Closing This Poll So Please Ignore It


What is your favorite Linkin Park album at the moment?[poll]

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Meteora
  • Minutes To Midnight
  • A Thousand Suns
  • Living Things
  • The Hunting Party
    I love all six of them, but I’m liking The Hunting Party most of all right now because it is the one that made me become the huge fan of theirs I am today.


Congrats on making your first poll, but not to diminish your opinion on your favorite (or lack of :stuck_out_tongue:) album, there’s already many different topics about favorite albums


Just make sure not to create topics that already have a thread, we try to keep it tidy in here, it’s easier for everyone.


All I’m saying is to check before you post, you’d be surprised at how many things were/are being discussed in here.
Besides, it’s mostly a few of us in here discussing random stuff most of the time, LP not so much.


Wow, that’s a serious overreaction. I’m siding with @evooba on this one. There’s nothing stopping you from doing a quick search on the forum with the search function and then bumping a thread you like.


AKA overreacting :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok buttfaces, calm down. the only one who can get rowdy on here is me. @lp_changed_my_life What they are saying is make sure that there isn’t already a post/thread made. And if you don’t have enough time to check then well youcanhopeyourbuttoversomejfjskfjskfjsjf (cough) plz check first. No heavy words. And do not get smart with the smurfs @evooba @the_termin8r


same here: edited ya thread title!



You’ve deleted your posts so I don’t know exactly what was said, but I can assume there was no bad intent between anyone, just trying to keep the forum clean

Everyone has their first time on a forum, so there’s nothing to feel ashamed about, just suggesting alternatives for next time. Nothing was going to happen, none of us are moderators, we were only trying to help. Don’t feel like you aren’t welcome here because of this, it’s always nice to have new people on the forum


this is really the first time I feel invited by you to argue… @jFar920 … but this isn t worth it … so my mouth is shut,…


Yes or No v.?

Btw @lp_changed_my_life, don’t be alarmed by @intheend. She’s our resident bunny.

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