Code for crawling


I purchased a copy of one more light live this morning, but I didn’t receive anything to allow me to download the digital copy of crawling that you get when you preordered the cd. My friend told me I should have received a code via email, but all I have is a purchase confirmation email from maniacs store and 24hundred. Does anyone know who I should speak to about a code, or how I can download crawling? Thank you.


@jFar920 or @derek can you help here please?


You should have received an email with a title similar to “Your confirmation for Order # 000000000” which both includes a receipt for your order and a link to the download for Crawling. Be sure to check your spam folder.

If you didn’t receive the email at all, you can also log into to view the receipt and download link. Just click “View Order” on the right hand side of the order you placed and there should be a link at the bottom of that page.


Shout out to hope they will help you soon…:wink:


Wonderful Union isn’t involved with the main Linkin Park store. If you need to contact anyone for help regarding the Liknin Park store, go to


I think it’s different depending on which country you are in - my pre-order went through … so you may not get the code immediately - unless you are US based? Dunno - just guessing…


I’m in the UK, Linkin Park’s Store/Warner Store is the same. I got the code for the download about an hour after I made my purchase. So, maybe wait a bit more and give them a shout when it’s been more than 24h?


thanks for the replies. I wonder if the problem is because I’m in Australia. The LP link to purchase the album took me to maniacs store. I’ve double checked the email confirmation and I viewed my order on the site, it has confirmation of my CD order but no link to download crawling. The Warnerbrothers link doesn’t work with my details. Should I email the maniac online store? I tried looking on this LP site and there’s no contact information.


Thanks heaps, I’ll contact them via your link.


You can help me too? I tried to buy the new album but I can’t because I can’t see Israel in the list of country… I tried send them message about it but don’t get any answer… thanks :pray:t3:


I didn’t know other countries were being redirected to local sellers for pre-orders. I’m not entirely sure if the other retailers offer the free download.

I can look into the problem with Israel later today, but who did you contact, the link I posted earlier? They might take a bit to reply.


It seems like they just list every county on the shipping address list, but don’t actually ship to all of them, unfortunately.


Thanks so much to everyone, I’ve been in contact via the Warnerbrothers link and she sent me the download link for crawling.


Bagh, your kidding, so I’ll have to contact them too… Dumbbbbbbbbb!


Thank you for your advice. Yesterday I sent email to the wonderfull union but it’s doesn’t help anymore.


Thanks so much guys… I Twit to Adam and he send me the link to the uk website… all Israeli people are happy and we buy it!


I tried that - but have heard nothing back :frowning:

I think I’ll just wait - patience makes the heart grow fonder…or frustrated…HAHA.


Anyone here that is still having issues getting a download code from a pre-order that stated it included one?


Now that you mention it… Yes. But I’m in NZ so everything takes 6 times long to get here! :tired_face:


I’m in Australia, I never got the link on my order email, but when I emailed the Warner brothers link with my order details they sent me the link. I’ve just jumped on my computer now and downloaded it, link works perfectly. It’s such a great version