Coding / encoding game - show ya talent!


Yes now I try a very risky step, as you all know, my english is wäri bät… lol so mb we try to create a new code of communication here inside,we all understand but nobody else …kinda " language" ,

let us creating it in the game.

Rules: you can play two opportunities:

  1. give in the issue, in shortened CAPS like :TIMBP (this information must be protected) and the community guesses, what this CAPS ( only first letter of the word) may mean,

  2. you give in ya issue like " I need a good code for : Li** my shoes" so that I can tell my boss always, if he bothers me… the code mentioned by sm community member like "Mr.Smith,your shoes are fitting well to ya outfit today! (sense: he feels good while beaten… crazy? yes maybe but( t) …

kinda this,dunnow if you get,but lets try



ok Me I need a code for= i don’t like you


Ich Deine Reglen Nicht Kann Verstehen!

@The_early_walker, can’t you comprehend? I don’t understand your rules!


help me to find words, get the sense you?


I am licking toads= this song rocks!


you got me Dude =)


This game is a failure:


ups, but I agree…it was…lol :grin: