Collection of LP SA Pre-Sale Tickets


If you have not yet received an Email with a Ref number and collection details, dont Stress.
All you need to do is Call 011 759 7215 (Computicket Customer Care)
Give them your Order # for your Pre-Sale Tickets, they will give you a Ref number and send you a letter with collection instructions and BOOM!!! your tickets are waiting for you at a
Shoprite Checkers or Computicket Outlet.

Tooooo Glad that stress is over!
Props to Computicket for getting this sorted out, too a little Time but hey good things come to those who wait! and keep nagging of course![biggrin]

OH yes and I have to mention his Name but Jason at Computicket is the Bomb!
Best customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. Thanks


Yeah i did the same yesterday and picked up my tickets last night. Not long now!!


so no more collection at the stadium on the day?


Got mine yesterday!


Sorted! Big up to Jason