Community Subnavigation & Forum Quicklink


Is it possible to make the community subnavigation visible in the main menu like the LPU sub navi? It would make navigation through the site easier.
Also, it would be great to have a quicklink back to the community section in the forum, or maybe even the community subnavigation. The forum is totally isolated from the main site, there isn’t even a link back to lpu/ and it would be awesome if we could reach all the community functions no matter where we are.


I agree. There are several issues with the merge of lpu/ and it makes the site very frustrating to use. Plus it seems like no one who actually can fix these issues is checking these posts. Sorry for the frustration.


I see there’s now a “Back to Linkin Park” link now, which is getting somewhere I guess, but takes forever to load, why not link right back to the hub?


YAY! for “Back to Linkin Park” link! Thank you for this! :wink:


@shadow Sorry for the frustrations. We’re working to make the new forum experience an amazing one. Please keep posting suggestions here, and we will do our best to keep up with the requests.


The mobile view still not user friendly it need “back to linkin park” link, I’m using Safari on my iPhone btw


Same, I’m using chrome.


The back link is already a great improvement. Thanks!


do you guys prefer if the back to Linkin Park link goes to the HUB ?


I personally would, I’m not sure about others. With the loading screen on the homepage it just takes forever to get where I want to go


This we can do no problem.


Wow, that was a fast response! Anyways thank you, hope to see more fixes in the future


Changed to link back to the community hub


FYI, we’re working on getting a link back to LP into the mobile site, too. We hope to have that working very soon.


@crumm I still don’t see any quick link back to the website on the mobile version of the page. If there is one, am I missing it?


I swear I saw it once, but now it’s gone. Maybe I was imagining things


You mean this link? It’s still there.


We were talking about the mobile site


This is what I see. The lp/lpu symbol takes you back to the front page of the forums.