Compact your LP experience in 5 songs


Make your own ‘The best of’ using only five songs which best describe your life, experience or are simply your favourite Linkin Park tunes. Order counts.
Shall I start?

  1. Somewhere I belong
  2. Part of me
  3. The little things give you away
  4. A place for my head
  5. The messenger

  1. Step up
  2. In the end
  3. Don’t stay
  4. No roads left
  5. Burn it down


Breaking The Habit
What I’ve Done
Burning In The Skies
Roads Untraveled

All of those songs since I was 10 years old have helped me, in order. The lyrics mean a lot to me in each of those songs.


Shadow of the Day
Bleed it Out
From the Inside


Valetine´s Day
In Pieces
Somewhere i belong
Don´t stay
What i´ve done


What I’ve done
Breaking the habit
Somewhere I belong

  1. One Step Closer- Because I initially had seats on the lawn, but the security let me go all the way to the floor. (Lucky ME!!!) lol

  2. By Myself- Because none of my friends like rock music…so i went to the concert by myself

  3. Numb- Idk why but this song is EVERYTHING to me.

  4. Somewhere I belong- Self Explanatory

  5. Roads Untraveled - It was my first LP concert, my first ROCK concert, therefore it was a “road I had yet to travel” lol


A Place For My Head, Somewhere I Belong, Crawling, Carousel, Runaway.


1 - A Place For My Head
2 - One Step Closer
3 - Papercut
4 - Breaking The Habit
5 - Valentine’s Day

This was difficult.


1.- Papercut (It was the first Linkin Park song I ever heard, and needless to say it sold me.)
2.- With You (This song was the first song i heard and seen them play live.)
3.- Leave Out All The Rest (Something as a way to think that I want to leave this world positively.)
4.- Lost In The Echo ( I love this song, it helps me move on from the past.)
5.- Figure 0.9 ( My most listened to song from Meteora, I just love this song.)

---- This was very hard to do. :slight_smile:


1. Figure.09
2. With You
3. Wretches And Kings
4. Lying From You
5. In My Remains


1 - With you
1 - A place for my head
1 - Faint
1 - In the end
1 - Lying From You


1 - A Place for my head
2 - Faint
3 - My december
4 - Pushing Me Away
5 - One Step Closer

  1. My December
  2. Place for my head
  3. From the Inside
  4. Burning in the Skies
  5. Bleed It Out


1)Empy spaces
5)The requiem

  1. crawling
  2. in the end
  3. part of me
  4. dedicated
  5. somewhere i belong

heard crawling first, in the end got me into linkin park.
part of me became my favorite demo, would listen to dedicated everyday
somewhere i belong was the song i thought was on hybrid theory but it wasn’t ;D


Good thread BTW! :slight_smile:

  1. Given Up (Surrendering)
  2. No Roads Left (Live or Die?)
  3. Shadow of the Day (There’s still hope)
  4. Breaking the Habit / The Messenger (Break the spell and let life goooooo)
  5. When They Come For Me (I’m the only one who can chose my destiny, fuck other people’s opinion)


From The Inside was one of the songs that carried me through middle school
Figure Nine
Roads Untraveled (Chester says “…and if you need a friend, there’s a seat alongside me.” To me, I see Linkin Park as the “friend” and I’m the one occupying the seat alongside them.)
Breaking The Habit

  1. Numb
  2. Iridescent
  3. In The End
  4. With You
  5. A Place For My Head

  1. Papercut
  2. In the end
  3. Numb
  4. Breaking the habit
  5. One step closer

It´s so hard to choose only 5…