Compassion Towards Our Band


As what I posted on Facebook. This has got me really upset and I love and trust you guys in this. To me there is no difference in family and LPU.

Am I wrong in this?

“I am so upset right now. I was in a good mood because I completed my LP collection with Living Things. So, I am very emotional, so I am going to rant here a bit. I stuck up for Chester last night because he was getting hated on for his status and yes it was political, but still. People are going to turn on him because of this. I know I am not the only fan tired of him getting hated on like this. We know he is a good kind-hearted person and doesn’t deserve this crap. If you don’t like his views don’t follow him on Twitter. If you don’t like his music don’t listen to it. But, damn don’t hate on him and ruin it for the rest of us. His fans like it when he posts, whatever. They like it when he interacts with them. Oh, and than some asshole retweets it…lovely. The whole world can see how much of a heartless ass you really are. I feel so bad for Chester. I wish I could just give him a great big hug. So, here is what I want us soldiers to do. Shower him with nothing, but love. Get a Twitter account. It is free for all, I think. I am no longer interacting with his haters because it is pointless. Haters only know hate., but lovers know love. I don’t want to become them, but better, like LP has taught me. For every hate message we see send him three times more love. His Twitter is @ChesterBe This is his official page. Let the love show.”

Even in my situation I voted in the US and it was inspired by Chester. He didn’t influence me. He inspired me to vote.

Thoughts please, before I start crying.


I think Cazzles is not a person getting really depressiv on his haters.You need not to cry, but start reflecting: every teardrop heartblood from ya is feeding 1000 haters, ignoring the better way…and I send love to him, this a good idea anyways… if there are haters or not :stuck_out_tongue:


Haters are everywhere and fans don’t always agree with what they might say/support or whatever. It’s nothing new, been happening all the time.

At least he got you to vote. It is important to do so, refraining from it causes exactly happened 2 days ago in the US.

On that note, I wish Mike posted his thoughts on his blog instead of FB. He has totally forgotten he has one, it’s a shame.


Oh yes, once there was the blog…:thinking: yes I remember, :grinning:and as I avoided fb from its start, I agree with @evooba


@theearlywalker That is what I decided to do.


@evooba He mentioned me in that. I about fainted.


I guess you felt like you got named and shamed? (Being all exposed to those commenters)


I feel honored he mentioned me.


I saw it, yeah. I’m glad he shared his thoughts, he has pretty interesting views on various matters so it was nice to read what he thinks about this one in particular. I’m surprised he didn’t earlier to be honest, his wife was devastated and went nuts on Twitter, I thought he was gonna post too.


@evooba I know. I saw them and retweeted them.


I was quickly scrolling through Facebook and I saw your profile picture and had to back track because I realized I wasn’t friends with you and was really confused


What the fudge, send me a friend request.


Well to be fair, I was seeing your Twitter picture technically :stuck_out_tongue: I saw you commented on the post, too, though


I am all over the internet. My fingers hurt, lol


I love our band. I love our band. I love our band.