Concert of my dreams😔😔


This was going to be the month I was going to Linkin Park for the very 1st time in San Diego…I can’t even sing out loud in my car w out crying…my mom committed suicide and I just feel as bad inside today for chester as I did my mom when she died…I feel the fans that had tickets to concerts should of been able to have better chance on getting the -remember Chester- concert tickets…I’m am looking forward to seeing the fans pour out their love for Linkin Park…


I lost all the opportunities I had to go, I know how you feel. I’m sorry for your mom. I am sending all my strength to you. Let’s all laugh and cry together soon. All the love for you


It very hard to lose a love one . Loseing your mom got to be very hard for u and itseem thing are going bad . But thing will get better for u soon . And don’t worry your mom is in heaven with chester . Make your mom and chester pould of you. Stay sorng sending my love to u


Such kind words…I appreciate u… Thank u very much


Thank u very much…till we all see are loved ones again…just smile at someone u might just make their day😊


I had also few chances but I lost them all. I try to think that maybe there is a meaning behind of this, but it still feels so hard. So sorry that you lost you mom, I can’t even imagine what it feels like.